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Re: When to ask for Chase INk CLI ???

youngman1234 wrote:
Hey everyone,

I just got approved for 5,000 chase ink cash back card. I was wondering when should I ask for a CLI...I will proabably charge the entire 5,000 every month and PIF and the end of each statement...company is new so glad was approved for 5K, but currently run about 20K a month...so just wondering after how many month of using the card and PIF should I wait, and then ask for a CLI ??

Also what has anyone's experience been with CLI on a chase ink...in otherwords from 5K what would they increase it to on the first request??? Also I was thinking of opening a company savings account with chase and putting 10K IN it and then request a CLI on the card like after 6 months of use....

I would wait 6 months in between increases with Chase.  I think if they are seeing $5k+ on your card I wouldn't be scared to ask for $20k, all they can do is counter!

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