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LOC and Builder LOC

Everyone, I am new to the board and have a question regarding getting a LOC.   I am wanting to start doing some remodeling on the side ( I have done this for years part time), but this time I am looking at purchasing some property.


I am trying to decide the best way to go about this.  I am not a business as I have a full time job, W2 etc.  I have found an old house that I want to purchase, remodel and put back on the market and sale.  This house is around 65k to purchase, and needs about 10k in remodeling work.


My question is, what is the best way to go about this?  Should I get a builders LOC?  If so what are the best banks, CU;s for approval?  What qualifications?


Should I go the aged corp route and PG then just build the corp?  I only need 75k - 100k LOC? 


I just do not know what is the best and easiest way to go about doing this or where to start?


I am in the mid 700's across the board....768 MyFico Equifax score.  Credit lines... NFCU 25k, USAA 20K, Cabelas 3700k Associated CU 2500k.


Thanks for any help or direction.