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Amex Business Card - They say it´s not a late it true?

Hi everyone. My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer and my life has been a little crazy lately with treatments, doctor visits, taking care of the kids, etc, etc. As a result, I haven´t been able to catch up with all pending emails, payment alerts, etc. Anyway, I just realized that I´m 3 days late on my Business Amex Card payment (it´s under my name and my company´s name) which was due on May 29. I´ve just paid it (June 1st) and called Amex to explain the situation (I haven´t missed one single payment on my personal or business amex card ever). To my surprise, the amex representative told me that she had excellent news for me : I wasn´t late !!! She explained that even when my due date was May 29, there is a grace period until my next statement is generated (June 12th) so as long as I pay before this date they will not consider it as a late payment. Is this true? Is this late payment not a late payment? Will it affect my company or my personal credit history? Thanks a lot for your help !