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Which Business Credit Card For 670 FICO?
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I have been in business since 2004, profitable every year, growing year on year significantly, and I just happened to have high utilization in the past few months so my score fell from 714 to 649... Now it's back to 670.


What business credit cards should I apply for?


I really need credit to help me with my new venture... need to pay my team for the software development. But everyone talks about Exxon, Staples etc... I need a line of credit for my business and I'm hoping to get a CL of at least 20,000.


Should I be talking with my bank about a small business line of credit rather than looking for a business credit card?


Thanks in advance

Chase Visa $5k
Chase Ink Cash (business credit) $7.5k
Amex Business Gold Rewards (charge)
Capital One Visa Platinum (personal) $1.7k
Capital One Rewards Mastercard (personal) $1.5k

Starting Score: 552
Current Score: 664
Goal Score: 720

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