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Re: Recommended Business CC

Capital One issued me a 10K BCC with a decent average beacon on my personal (750 range) and a few years in state corp records

My personal is all within past 2 years too

Trick to personal on new or reestablished credit is

As you get new cards, use card close to max, and pay off before first bill hits, so when they report it's a new account with near max use and 0 balance, so it reports decent, that you used line and paid off in short time, just keep close to 0 balances on all revolving, car loans and homes ok to have balances the revolving stuff balances causes drops and you can get big gains in scores by zeroing out revolving

Ghost in Bureau's from 1987 to 2010 (lot's of money no need for credit)
0 2010 in Bureaus
750 average beacon 2012
850 goal