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Re: When to apply for Chase Ink

jmoneyk wrote:

Just recently started a small business and am looking to simplify my financials by putting everything on a business credit card.  Interested in the Chase Ink.  Back on 05/30 I was approved for a Chase Sapphire Preffered and a Amex BCP for my personal use, and also just closed on a business line of credit with TD bank for 50k.  My scores are in the 715-730 range across the board.  When would be the best time to apply for the Chase Ink Business?  The CSP is reporting to my personal, but the line of credit and Amex BCP have not.  Any advice is appreciated!



You think the Chase ink Rewards or card is better then Amex Gold Business Charge?

What credit line did you get on your Chase Card?

I really can't see why you would have any problems getting the ink now... I think they use to limit 1 app every 6 months or something but pretty sure we have been seeing that just isn't the case anymore especially with personal cards, so I would assume personal vs business really wouldn't be an issue since different departments and card types.

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