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Re: When to apply for Chase Ink

jmoneyk wrote:

Thank guys.  I applied and then got the under review notice.  Called in immediately, spoke with a very nice lady named Laurie.  She asked me some general questions about the business and then came back and approved me for 5k.  She said I got the review notice because of the recent CSP personal card I was approved for.  


Credit Addict, to answer your question.  I applied for the Chase Ink Classic, because I like the UR rewards structure and also like the low APR of the card.  I was not looking for a charge card specifically, if I was, the Chase Bold is a better charge than the Amex Gold.

oh silly me... I just read this and was like OOOH... for whatever reason when I was writing asking you why Chase vs. Amex I was thinking you were talkina bout the charge... hmmm... (opening window to look at correct chase card!!)

Nice APR!!!

But after the first $25k does it drop down to a 1x for all? 

I like the looks of the Amex Cash Business.

Still really think it's the Capital One Spark Cash but I just have to make sure I have a really good back up or a line of credit that doesn't charge to transfer to and just move the balance a couple times a month to make sure no maxed out reporting on it because it reports to personal credit also.  Or else settle for the tiers of credit with either Chase or Amex.


Last thing.... $5k on this Ink... What did you get on your Personal Chase?

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