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Re: Amex Plum - Call Now For Decision

First of all the good news, I was approved.  BUT, Amex really made me work for it Smiley Happy


Call #1. Called Amex and gave the rep my reference #.  The CSR had such a thick accent I really could hardly understand anything she was asking me.  I kept asking her to repeat her questions over and over, and finally the line was "disconnected" without really getting anywhere.


Call #2. Another thick accent, but not as bad.  CSR made me verify all app information, ie Name, DOB, addy (which was readback wrong), SSN, tele.  I told her the address was incorrect, the "updating" took 3 minutes b/c of the language barrier.  Finally, she asked if she could go ahead and continue processing the application.  Yes, of course!  Then (and this is my fault) my EX was locked and she wanted the pin.  I said I'd unlock my self and call back.  $10 and 2 minutes later, I call back.


Call #3. Again, we verify name, DOB, mailing address (readback wrong), SSN, tele.  Address updated again.  Asked to process the app.  Yes, please process the app!  She said it would take 2-3 minutes.  I was on hold for 12 (I was looking at my phone timer).  "Thank you for your patience Mr. (click)."  Just like that, the line is disconnected.


Call #4. Name, DOB, mailing address, SSN, tele.  Address was correct.  I asked if I was approved or denied.  The CSR said that even though I was verified, to continue processing the application Amex needed to call me to verify the telephone number.  I said fine and hang up.


Call #5.  An unexpected twist...Amex calls me! Smiley Tongue  Name, DOB, mailing address, SSN.  The caller ID was a Utah number.  Quick verification, account approved, cards overnighted.  And as for me, I'm off to get a stiff drink.


Thanks for the approval Amex, I think.

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