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Quill Net 30 Account Question...

Hey everyone,


I just created my Quill account a few days ago and submitted my first order for around $80.00 and selected invoice me and it said it would take two days to process and approve me.  I looked at my order status today, and it says it's already being shipped and when I track with UPS, it should be here today, so I'm pretty excited about that.  Also I received the invoice to my email which says to pay by 9/17.  The only question I have is when and how with this report to DNB or Equifax when I haven't supplied them with my EIN # for the business?  I asked the Quill customer service and they said if DNB requests it then they will give them that info.  But I'm a little confused because when I called DNB to get my free number, they kept saying I have to pay for that service, when I've read in several posts that I don't have to.  


Just want to make sure this starts to get reported, so I can move up from here.  Have I done everything correctly?  All I have supplied Quill with is the business name and address, but nothing else really.



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