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What address to use on application?
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Year ago I opened a company using UPS box address. I wanted to avoid my home address. My company is online business. Based on building credit guide I published my company on yellow books, yelp.. and tried to get DUNS number. I also was needed card proccessing service so I went with chase, where I had business checking account on order to get approved they asked to verify business place and not allowed to use UPS store address. Long story short they declined my application, so I went with paypal in few hours I had everything working. Later I got a place to share with another business. I have my company name on lease and phone, internet provider.

Few days ago I got a call from DnB, they tried to sell credit builder service. I asked them to send all info to my email and also got my DUNS number. I will call to duns to get my access to my file. I know that you cannot do often changes on account.

Now I start reading forum again for instructions and got question: what address to use on applications when apply for credit? It have to match address on DnB profile, right? UPS store, home address or shared place for business. I prefer to use UPS store. But want to be prepared for questions.