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Re: anyone use square?

I love Square but I did have some issues early on when I ran several transactions that totaled over $18k, I ended up with about $8k locked down for a bit... Eventually I got ironed hand and it was released to account next day.  I'm shocked they had no delay on AMEX but I assume that was an AMEX fix not a Square! I bet that sent Square people running for the phone to call amex.

Anyway never had issues before... I recently got PayPal and like it but it takes 2-4 days usually depending on day to get PayPal money to checking so that might be to much if I had to have money quicker, Square is VERY quick and almost ALWAYS in my account next day if ran before a certain time.

Let me state just in case confusion - PayPal is not HOLDING the money, it's just a matter of how fast PayPal transfers into bank, still have not figured out WHY they can't do it same day into account considering all other things are basically but no hold.

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