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Re: Business Credit Card
Glad you are apporved. Take good care of the card. It is issued by Citi and they are very generous with Credit Limit Increase. If you keep it in good standing and never exceed the limits and pay it on time, you'll get credit limit increase in 6 months. After that you are on your way to be able to acquire other cards that are backed my Citi with out PG.

Uncle_Money wrote:
Hey Concord, I took your advice and applied for the Key Bank business mastercard. I faxed in the application yesterday and I called up today to check the status. To my delight, the credit department informed me I was approved and would receive the card within 10 days!! I would have never discovered Key Bank as virtually every application I came across required a pg. I can't believe it as this is my very first business credit card. Now I can begin building my business credit. I want to give a huge thanks to you and this forum. There is a WEALTH of knowledge to be learned here. Again, thank you! Uncle Money