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Re: Business Credit Card
Some report to personal and some dont. For instance, I got biz loan from my CU with PG. It does report to my personal CR as joint account. It is hard to tell. As far as I know none of the citi backed cards report to personal cr. If it is bothering you, you can call Citi and ask them to stop reporting to your personal CR. As per Amex it is a different animal and follows their own set of rules which keep changing by minute. My suggestion, if you have low inq's and scores at least 680-700 on EX apply for Amex Biz Gold. If they approve it, use it for 6 months and then ask for Plum. Asking for Plum right away chances could be less to get it. It all depends on your scores and inq's.


Uncle_Money wrote:
The Citi Professional Card reports to my EX CR every month. Then again, I didn't even have to enter my tax id to apply. Their terms do state that the card is to be used for business purposes only, though. Strange that they wouldn't even ask! I have heard the same about the Plum so I'm a little skeptic to apply just yet. The last thing I need is another hard pull on EX. Looks like a solid card from what I can tell.