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Re: Business Credit Card
If you dont mind risking a hard inq and if you dont have any thing negative, I would say go for Amex Biz Gold Charge Card. You might get it if you have scores of high 600's on EX
Uncle_Money wrote:
All good points. I think you're correct about the Plum. Let me ask you this. I've heard one of the easier cards to get from Amex is their preferred rewards green card, which is personal. If I apply for the Green, do you think I would be able to call and ask to switch me to a biz card? At the end of Aug, I will have 7 inquiries counting for 2007 and my Ex score will be in the 714 range, according to the Fico simulator. At this point my utilization will also be around 20% and zero baddies on the report.