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direct deposit question

I am going to be opening a business bank account soon after running my small business transactions out of my personal accounts last two years. I have two employees (who I have paid by cash for the last year) who will want to be paid direct deposit if possible. Can I do this with a business checking account or is that only if I set up with a payroll company?


I don't want to employ a payroll company but I do distribute 1099s at year end and pay my own business taxes.




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Re: direct deposit question

I've never done this, but you can set up a direct deposit account via your bank. Check with the bank you run payroll out of. I know ours was always asking us to go with them, but I don't know how they'd do it. I use a payroll company now though. If you use software like Quickbooks, you can run it out of that too.

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Re: direct deposit question

You can definitely do it through Quick Books if you use their software.

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