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Re: AMEX Small Biz Policy/ Practices

I agree with you and @trumpet-205. It's time to make that move to another card. I completely forgot about my post until I got an email saying "unusual spending pattern." The charge was for under $3k and the biz balance is not even $6000. Yup, they are still fooling around. What a shame. 2013... I going to leave home without it!


Phone number? They told me there was not an "account mgr", anyone can help me. Last time, I spoke to a rep I wanted to put the phone down and come behind her and just give her a good slap because she made absolutely no sense. I asked her, what was the point of the FR if we can not charge aquaint business expenses. I reminded her I was  asked how much the company will be  spending on average. I told them $10k per month with an expected increase during "award season."


I'm done trying to figure them out, all I will say is either we are flagged "just because aka demo" or they want us to spend money in certain businesses. Unforunately, I look for deals and have business relationships with certain companies so I spend my company money where I am welcome and respected.