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New Business Credit Journey! ULine Net 30 Terms in one hour!

Hi All,


Since NO ONE seems to be active with Business Credit these days I will try to continually post and update my journey of building business credit for my company!


So far...


June 2012 - Obtained business license and EIN issued

July 2012 - Leased physical office location, created website, obtained business cell phone line

August 2012 - Obtain DUNS# (FREE, just filled out online, received call verifying info, politely turned down product offers, attempts to upsell, received # few weeks later)

September 2012 - Received ULine and Reliable Net 30 terms, Quill still pending (The only 3 choice so far.)


My short terms goals...



-Obtain 2 more Net 30 accounts next month

-Obtain business landline, even if virtual

-Obtain business checking account



-Hopefully 4-5 Net 30s reporting

-Hopefully obtain a padex score



-Obtain 2-3 level 2 business credit accounts

-Such as Staples, Office Depot, etc

-Obtain 1(ONE) business CC




Revolvers: FP Gold $300, FP Platinum $300, Applied Bank Business $500, Kay Jewelers $500, Fingerhut $400, Gettington $300

Installers: KHEAA student loan, Dealer Funding LLC auto loan x2, Crescent Bank auto loan, Acceptance Loan Co personal loan x2

Negatives: 1 collection - 2010 $307, Auto lates - 2 30 days, 60 day, 2009 / 3 30 days, 60 day, 2012