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Re: New Business Credit Journey! ULine Net 30 Terms in one hour!

I would like to add that with ULine and Reliable, I simply placed order online, filled out company info, and submitted! Actually had my items the very next day! Did not think it would be that easy. 


Would like to also mention all cost I have incurred...


Business license: $119, live in Alabama, consulting business

Websites: $10 a month, yes TEN dollars for my .COM, but web marketing is actually my business


Business phone number: FREE, via Google voice, all calls forwarded to business cell line(but actually can be answered with google voice app), I plan to get a dedicted landline within 2 months but figured I'd save the $20-$40 for now

Business cell line: $5, yes FIVE dollars a month, simply added a line to my existing plan

Business office: $279mth, although there are physical business 'address' locations for as low as $79mth


Just thought I'd share for those who are starting with no sense of direction, just like me last year...


Revolvers: FP Gold $300, FP Platinum $300, Applied Bank Business $500, Kay Jewelers $500, Fingerhut $400, Gettington $300

Installers: KHEAA student loan, Dealer Funding LLC auto loan x2, Crescent Bank auto loan, Acceptance Loan Co personal loan x2

Negatives: 1 collection - 2010 $307, Auto lates - 2 30 days, 60 day, 2009 / 3 30 days, 60 day, 2012