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Re: Just app'd for the Wright Express Universal Fleet Card.....

I just received my company credit cards for my business in August.  The first statement came almost immediately and reflected a $0.00 balance.  I received September, 2012 statement and it showed I owed $6.00 from the previous billing, a $10.00 late charge and $6.00 for current month's billing.  I have not even used any of the 3 cards yet and have been assessed $22.00.


I contacted customer service and they were not willing to cancel the $10.00 late charge or any other assistance.  I cancelled my account during the course of this call.  The fee is $2.00 per card per month.  I only have one vehicle so why was I issued 3 cards?


This program may work for you and your business but keep an eye on the billing!