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Re: New Business Credit Journey! ULine Net 30 Terms in one hour!

princechristian wrote:

Hi All,


Since NO ONE seems to be active with Business Credit these days I will try to continually post and update my journey of building business credit for my company!


So far...


June 2012 - Obtained business license and EIN issued

July 2012 - Leased physical office location, created website, obtained business cell phone line

August 2012 - Obtain DUNS# (FREE, just filled out online, received call verifying info, politely turned down product offers, attempts to upsell, received # few weeks later)

September 2012 - Received ULine and Reliable Net 30 terms, Quill still pending (The only 3 choice so far.)


My short terms goals...



-Obtain 2 more Net 30 accounts next month

-Obtain business landline, even if virtual

-Obtain business checking account



-Hopefully 4-5 Net 30s reporting

-Hopefully obtain a padex score



-Obtain 2-3 level 2 business credit accounts

-Such as Staples, Office Depot, etc

-Obtain 1(ONE) business CC




Im interested to know more about getting this started for me. Was thinking of starting business to also get business credit and thought it was much more than it was. Any chance i can just use my own address to start my own business versus paying a monthly fee for this? I also heard u have to pay for duns, where do u go for this thanks?

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