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Re: New Business Credit Journey! ULine Net 30 Terms in one hour!
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princechristian wrote:

DUNS# is free! Directly from D&B website, just politely turn down the upsells.


Also, these are merely the baby steps... Does get more complicated with financials, UCC filings, etc


Simply obtaining an 80 or above paydex score isn't enough these days...

Ok whats the harder part? Im planning on getting at least the name and llc settup in the next few weeks. I also read that starting this up i could just use my home address? What do u think about it, since its just going to be me as the owner right now? I also read that i could put some money in a bank as collateral to help boost the process for faster business credit. Im pretty much thinking of starting some kind of investment style business. 


Oh prince i will check this thread daily just because i know u said that its kind of a dead part of the forum. Hopefully we could share ideas to get the most out of building good business credit.

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