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Re: When to ask for Chase INk CLI ???

Sorry I have been a bit busy and out of town on a project. I asked for $10K and that's what they granted me. My banker at Chase felt that I needed to ask for more and would have received it but hindsight is always 20:20. I have maxed it out and PIF last 2 months and will be requesting another increase in a couple of weeks once this project pays off and my Chase account has another huge balance. 

It's worth noting that they do not really allow or make paying off before end of cycle easy. I would have cycled more spend on this card but I had to wait for things to post (forever on My banker says they are trying to make it easy like AMEX - and let's hope they do as the points are racking up quicker with AMEX and would love to get more from Chase.


Hope it worked out wekk for you.