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Revisiting biz credit

After a multi-year hiatus with business credit, we are tip-toeing back into it. I'm co-owner of a S-corp established in 1983 and took over a couple of years ago, though worked for them 15 years before that. We opened a secured LOC of $25k last year and that was our only credit item. Recently opened a Staples Net30 and Quill accts. I also was recommended via Amex's website their Plat Biz CC, but was declined. Person util is high now. I haven't checked DnB in a very long time either.


I know the days of no-PG are virtually over. Since checking last, it seems much more difficult to apply.  Question: are creditors still weighing personal credit as heavily, if not more, than biz credit? I don't mind the PG, but would like to avoid the inquiries but really don't have a need for a herd of net30s. Tired of charging on my personal CCs.