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Re: anyone use square?

scenery_guy wrote:

I just started using it last week. Previously had PayPal as my processor (ugh that really sucked getting the actual cash from them but wasn't that bad fee wise). I don't run a lot of cards but I had a client who was in need of paying on AMEX vs typical ACH that I prefer. Big charge, nearly $95,000 and I must say it went flawlessly. Cash in bank the next day before noon less the fees (and yes, that was a whopping $2,600 fee so they must like me now after my first swipe). 

No additional fees besides the 2.75% on each swipe. If you are a non swiper it's a bit more at 3.5% +.15 cents I believe. The card reader is a breeze to use and you can carry in your pocket. Software worked great on my iPhone. Web site works well and I am a Mac user. 

Good luck - I don't think you can go wrong with Square. 

I used to use Paypal, but the inability to resolve a problem in a proper and efficient manner (account still restricted 4 years later!) made me swear that company (along with ebay) off for eternity...

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