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Re: Revisiting biz credit

yeah I tabble into the business stuff every once in a while but without checking but I assume I have no business credit with my new (1 year old) company because it has virtually sat... but I feel like you hear these days Capital One, Chase ink, American Express.... other "Major" banks obviouly have business cards but the more desirable options (Advent? Avant, err... had 2, should know! lol what was that one? 2.99 LIFE BT!!!) PNC was kind of known if passing through certain things (not sure what they were) but seemed $15k was common starter!

Thing is, big difference from I'm okay to PG, but am I okay to PG for HP and opening the account, but am I okay with the report of Pg also having account showing!


Who is your secured LOC with?

Util to high for Amex Charge, what kind of debt $$ are you talking?

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