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CapOne Spark ?

Does anyone know how CapOne is with their CLI for their Spark Business? Thanks.

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Re: CapOne Spark ?

kwazziee wrote:

Does anyone know how CapOne is with their CLI for their Spark Business? Thanks.

I wonder if they have "Credit Steps" LOL


Capital One Business is like Capital One Personal... Including pulling all 3 PG reports and reporting to all 3 PG reports Every Month!


However that 2% would be fantastic!

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Re: CapOne Spark ?

Depending on which Spark card you get,the cli requirements vary. There are "Credit Steps" for the Classic card. For the upper tiered cards, you can request a cli by calling them but it's essentially like hitting the monkey button.

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Re: CapOne Spark ?

i got 2k for my busines spark classic today.  and I have 30k cash in their business  checking account. will keep 2k but withdraw 30k monday.

I approved online in 2 min


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Re: CapOne Spark ?

I was initally approved for $5K in May 2012....not enough. I immediately asked for double. Denied. I tried again in July. Denied. I tried again in September. Approved. I had asked for at least double to $10k and was given $8500. I have averaged about $10k per month spent on the card and was very adamant about increasing my limit so I didn't have to send a payment every other day. So, that was after 4 months. My case might be irregular. Not sure. 

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