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Declined for AMEX Delta Reserve for Business card

I applied online for the AMEX branded Delta Reserve for Business card a few days ago. I am going to be about 6,000 miles short of keeping my Delta medallion status end of this year and saw that this card offered a 10,000 MQM bonus for first usage. Perfect, get a new card and pick up the MQM I need to keep my status, or so I thought. 


I received the standard "we are processing your application" email with a link to check the status online. Just had a moment to do so and I see I was declined. Should I take a shot at calling to see if there is anything I can do to get reconsidered or just let it go and try again before the end of the year?


I am fairly new to AMEX. I received my first card in 6/12 and it was the Platinum Delta card (personal). I applied for and received the Gold reward card for business in 7/12 as well as a personal Preferred Rewards Gold card about the same time. I was lucky enough to have a huge project that allowed me to charge over $110,000 between the 3 AMEX cards over the last 3 months. I made payments when I thought I needed to, never hitting a limit and never receiving notice to make a payment, always paying in full for charges up to that point and always well before statement due date. No declines on any of the cards. In other words I thought I was a good customer...


I was hoping to get the Reserve card for business use so I could try to separate card usage between business and personal (I am a sole proprietor so really it's all personal and business mixed just drives accountants nuts). 


Any idea or opinions before I get on the phone and wind up looking like an idiot?