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Re: Declined for AMEX Delta Reserve for Business card
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Oh man AMEX is not too easy to deal with over the phone! I tried calling 800-567-1083 and was not able to get much from the person other than you were declined and here is why. Basically too many inquiries on my report (EQ) and too short time with AMEX. I pulled my EQ free report because of the decline and 5 of the 9 inquiries were for my recent auto loan. All were approved, I was just rate shopping. 3 of the inquiries were AMEX and one was for Chase, I am sure my business card. 

Tried calling number on back of my Business Gold and did not receive much help other than to try the 877-399-3083 number, they transferred me but it was just as rough. Foreign call center and was even less helpful. 

So any advice on how to try to move forward? I'm feeling that if I can talk to the right person I can get somewhere. The bummer is I am a sole propertier and even though I provided a FEIN with my application they are still wallowing around in my personal credit. It's to be expected but I was hoping they would at least consider that I have spent about $70,000 on my Business Gold card in past 3 months and always PIF before statement posts.