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Re: Declined for AMEX Delta Reserve for Business card
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I finally received the denial letter. Almost all of the information given over the phone was incorrect (no shock there). Unless I can talk to a credit analyst calling is useless. I'm in the process of composing a letter that I will send to the Executive Offices in New York addressing each of the reasons for denial. The reasons in a nut shell were:


1. Number of accounts delinquent ( took a bit of searching to find 3 of them all 30 days or less from 6.5 years ago... Hardly an issue and I am sure they have seen worse).


2. Proportion of loan balances to loan amount too high (really? I just purchased an auto a few months ago so of course the balance is high. What the report does not show is the 50% CASH I put down. I'll have my Chase banker send them details if needed). The auto loan is the only loan I have. 


3. Too many inquiries in last 12 months (another non issue, not like other AMEX card holders who "churn" cards don't have many more). I have 3 from AMEX (my other AMEX cards they gave me), 3 from auto lenders as I shopped for cars or deals and one from Verizon for phone and internet service when I switched at the office. No other CC apps at all. 


What's a bit upsetting is that I applied for a business card using my FEIN number not my social. I understand as a sole proprietor they do check me personally but my business credit and trade lines are perfect. Chase actually does these correct. They must have SP for my Ink card as I have never seen a HP for Chase on any report except for the auto loan.


My hope is that someone at that location will look at my short but heavy record of spend and early PIF payments with AMEX and consider the shallow reasons above and see that I am a valuable customer.


I'll update when I hear a final decision. Wish me luck.