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Re: New Business Credit Journey! ULine Net 30 Terms in one hour!

I would have been more patient before PGing that business CC unless you desperately needed it. The point of building business credit is, as you know, is a process. No PGing is ever required if the process is done properly. Setting up your company properly, obtaining the Net 30s, then moving up to GAS cards, then revolving credit... 


Grainger is definitely another Net 30 that reports that you could get.... 


Quill gave me credit easy... Call them! Thats what I had to do.. Also for the other Net 30s, be sure to understand that you do NOT have to continue making purchases for them to report, as one purchase every few months is good enough..


Yes that will be a challenge and will take time OR money. Lol.. Good Luck! And good job again..

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