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Re: co signer to own sole corparation ??
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mustangy wrote:

If i ll be co signer to my own corporation

is loan will show up in my credit history or only in corporation history ?

after loan applying to credit card Amex blue should i ll be co signer again ? really confused now

any offer Credit monitoring for all 3 bureaus both me and corporation  ?

If the corporation takes a loan, and you are a co-signer (aka personal guarantor (PG)), then YMMV as to whether or not it reports to personal CRs based on the lender. Most only report to biz CRs (e.g. DnB, Experian Biz, etc.). Some only report to personal CRs if you PG the loan and you default. And yet others will report to your CRs no matter what, though there's not too many that do. YMMV on the lender. Typically biz CCs only report to personal reports, and there aren't too many of them out there.


Are you asking if you should co-sign on a biz Amex Blue? I don't keep tabs on Amex's biz offerings, but I'm not too sure they offer a biz Blue. Could be wrong though. Amex does require PG on all of their biz products.


Biz credit monitoring isn't like personal. Totally different. There are maybe one or two products out there that do monitor your biz credit though. For sure DnB offers an alert service. I subscribe to it and get alerts from time to time. It just gets too dang expensive on the biz side (hundreds each year).


BTW, moving this to biz credit.