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Re: Chase Ink Bold and the UR Points Churn Begins

youngman1234 wrote:
We are going off topic, but I have min net 90 with all my vendors with some I get net 180 to 1 year I have some invoices that are upwards 100k.... We pay them monthly so instead of writing 600-700 checks like we did before a year. We write only like 50 checks a year now. It is so easy to pay vendors with a credit card and just pay on bill a month rather than worry on tracking 600-700 checks.. And we get points for it. I'm not financing inventory I'm just paying regular monthly bills and getting points for it... I don't really see the risk.. Especially when I pay in full every month, don't have a single payment ever due( dont let balances report), if I push 400-450worth of spending this year which I'm sure I will reach the banks are making a lot of money off the processing fees. If I owed money and only make min payments and max out the lines I see the problem. But I'm not doing any of that ...

Have you thought about the Plum card?  If you're just cycling inventory through it you could pick up 2 percent on your margin if you're an early payer. 

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