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Re: Declined for AMEX Delta Reserve for Business card
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I mailed the reconsideration letter a bit late. The hurricane hit the NYC area and my fear was the offices would be slow. I decided to mail it to the location that sent the decline notice. After a couple of weeks I have given up hearing from them. I just checked to make sure all my AMEX cards were PIF and reapplied for the card. I again used my EIN and this time I got the "additional cards for employees" screen (might add one at a later point to get employee off my platinum sky miles card) then the pending "call us now" screen. Of course it's after midnight EST so I can't call tonight. I'll call tomorrow. 

I'm hoping they just need to verify a few things for approval (trying not to get my hopes up) but if I get denied again at least I am speaking to a person that might be able to help. I have a couple of flights from FL to CA I need to book and wanted to use this card to get the 10,000 MQM with first purchase. Love Delta and AMEX but  if I can't get some love I will be going to see my Chase banker tomorrow to have him apply for more Chase cards for business and travel. He actually calls me to check in.