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Re: co signer to own sole corporation ??

So far AMEX has not reported my three business cards to my personal line. Chase has not reported my Ink card to my personal line but I did have to sign a PG for all of them. All showed as a hard pull for application. 

Project17 I agree, my business cards are nothing more than personal cards with the business name on them... but then again who cares as long as I have access to the credit I need to run my business. AMEX and Chase did seem to care about my gross sales and profits but after the initial hurdle no worries. 

It's worth noting that it seems easier to get CLI on the business cards. Based on the volume of spend they are seeing and the PIF before statement posts I have never been turned down for a request to raise a limit - even for a "special circumstance" need. My AMEX business gold has a higher ceiling than my personal gold as I called to discuss a large purchase and asked them to review both cards, yes on business and no on personal. 

And yes, I freely use my personal cards for business if needed. I simply pay that portion of the bill from the business checking. Credit is a tool for business and I treat it like one.