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Re: co signer to own sole corporation ??

thanks for all answers I have only 2 credit cards now and will go another 2 personal and 2 for business


Before my auto loan isntalls want to go for


Amex blue cash and chase freedom for personal

Amex simply cash and chase ink cash for biz


is it to bad to apply in same time i have 2 hard in trans union and 2 on experian score was about 721 Fico pulled by auto lender


how to manage this for best approvals and CLI's


Thanks for all advises already

BOFA Master 5k# BOFA Visa 15k flex#Amex BCE 13.5k#chase freedom 5k#capital one $2000 2009#HSBC 1k closed 2009 (those guys kidding with limits)

FICO (lenders pull)scores 739 - 742 - 730 October 2012#length of history from Jan/2008
Business account###Capital one spark 2k