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Re: co signer to own sole corporation ??

starting posistion

Boa mastercard 5k

Boa visa signature 5k

closed cap one $750 (still reporting i did called multiple times cant stop them irggh)

closed Hsbc mastercard1k


my car loan is about 80k and will install next week

i been screwed on rate i decided to go for credit card

and have incorporated on my name


here is the applications i did today


Chase ink busines  :denied

chase freedom : 5k  after recon (online denied)

discover :denied for busines (never go for this again)

capital one busines spark : 2k

Amex BCE  :13.5                                     (do not report limit sucks)

Boa : Visa signature CLI  5k -> 15k      (do not report limit sucks)


any other offers specially for business card to improve total credit limit its look like on my credit report still i have 15k Smiley Sad and I buy about 4k gas and 6k spends every months

after my car loan instalment I wont touch to my credit for 3 years




BOFA Master 5k# BOFA Visa 15k flex#Amex BCE 13.5k#chase freedom 5k#capital one $2000 2009#HSBC 1k closed 2009 (those guys kidding with limits)

FICO (lenders pull)scores 739 - 742 - 730 October 2012#length of history from Jan/2008
Business account###Capital one spark 2k