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Re: Chase Ink Bold approval



I've considered the Ink Bold but just don't need it. I have the Ink Cash and use it almost exclusively for the 5% categories....which isn't really that much. My cell phone, biz phone, biz cable/internet and occasional office supplies simply aren't a huge expense. Sure, I occasionally use it for the Ultimate Rewards Mall for bonus cash back but that's not often. Actually, the biggest expense I put it on it is my $500 per month radio advertsing bill because it somehow counts as "Telecommunication" like a phone. Ha! That's a cool $25 every month. Not sure if it's common among radio stations but mine must have a merchant code that classifies under a code that Chase counts as 5%. Nice fluke in my favor. ;-)


But anyways, the Bold would be great if I didn't have other options or if it paid better on more categories or better overall at the minimum...say 1.5% or even 2%. I have an Amex Plum as my charge card for  extra large purchases. 1.5% discount. I also use the US Bank Cash + for insurance and utilities @ 5% under the "bill pay" bonus category. And then I have the Spark Cash for all non-bonus categories at 2%. 


The Bold, IMHO, should be more lucrative than the Ink Cash considering it has an annual fee. I suppose the other perks for travel matter more for some people. I don't do biz travel in my business so it doesn't do anything for me.

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