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Re: Cap1 Spark CLI after 2 months?

I tried to get a CLI the day after I got the Spark. Denied. Then again 2 months later. Denied. Then 2 months after that I was approved. So 4 months did it for me. Now, I was using the card heavily with a puny $5000 limit and making 5-7 payments per month and was always charging more per month than my limit. So they had to have seen that when I asked for the 3rd time insisting that I needed more space on the card. Even then, I only went to $8500 even though asked for at least $10,000. But it works much better now. Now I only 2-3 times per month. I plan to ask for another increase soon just to have it. Since the spark reports to personal, the extra limit space is helpful for my utliization. It also will allow for larger purchases that I still put on the Amex Plum since it has no preset limit and I am good to around $30k according to Amex. 

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