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Re: Chase Ink Bold approval

That advertising deal is pretty sweet ztnjpv! $300 back per year is great on that. 

Yeah the Cash and Bold are pretty similar in rewards, the only difference (other than the cash earning % and the Bold earning points - both equal as they transfer in Ultimate Rewards) is that I can get 2x points at gas and hotel on Bold but 2% on gas a restaurants with Cash. Other difference is the rewards are capped on both cards $25,000 on Cash but $50,000 on Bold. 

Here is the big bonus for me at least - no cost for additional cards for employees. Take that AMEX. The $95 fee is a deal just based on free employee cards. They seem to be hip to raising my spend ability on Bold once they see my trends so that will be nice and the service advisor direct line rocks. My last call was answered by a human being that addressed me by name upon answering (I'm sure my office called ID did that but still... best service experience ever). 

I will admit the Plum is tempting...