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Re: Chase Ink Bold approval
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YEAH. That radio thing was a shock. Had I not had the Ink before I had the Spark or Plum, I wouldn;t have even known because I would have put that expense on a better paying card....or so I would have thought. When my first statement posted and I saw my cash back for the month, it was a lot more than I expected. Just didn't add up. So I called and learned about the radio ads counting as telecom. I just chuckled under my breath and thanked the CSR for the help. ;-)


Yeah. The free cards are nice. I had them made for employees. No credit check, no SSNs needed. No cost. That's the way it should be. Cap1 wanted a full application when I wanted to add my wife so I could get the bonus for adding a card. No thanks. It's just $50. Not worth it. And the Plum charges. Silly. 


I like the Plum but would like it more if it paid better. The annual fee makes me expect more and I don't feel like I get it. Moreover, the higher swipe fees make me think they should be more generous with rewards and they are not. I even told them this. But I lucked out this year with the AF. Twice I have had to call the roadside assitance that comes with the card to get into my car (locked the keys in it). That more than paid the fee. ;-)



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