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Chase Ink Cash Success

Hey there!


Just wanted to share my experience.


-Have had a Chase Freedom for 7 or 8 years.


Apped and received Chase Sapphire back in July of this year.  Initial CL was (and still is) $5000.


Apped for a CL for Chase Freedom at the same time; went from $1500 to $7500.


I have a small (very small) photogrpahy business.  I want to keep things separate.  I apped today.  I got a "pending review" because I have a paid tax lien that EQ does not show as paid.  Chase was awesome, let me fax them proof, and then I couldn't get through to their fax!!!  When I caled back, I spoke to "John" who said "Let me look again and see what I can do."  He noted that it hadn't reported since 2009 and approved me for Chase Ink Cash for $5000.



-I used TOTAL household income.

-I was asked how long I had been taking pictures.  They considered my experience level over business length.

-I am about 19% util-I have one late and that's it.

-They pulled EQ, which is 701 via myFico


I hope this helps.  Chase is the BEST on recon that I have ever seen.  It always pays to call.  It took three calls for me, but was worth it.


Also of note, EQ was not so nice when I called.  They said that whether I faxed proof or not they would still have to verify and it would still be subject to a 30 day wait. THEN they tried to sell me their credit score services and informed me that my myFico score was inaccurate.  Sigh.





WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!