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Re: AMEX Business Gold to Business Platinum?

I took the Gold as that's what they offered at the time, guess I am spending enough to rate more now. I'm pretty much making 1 point on all purchases on most AMEX as I use other cards for flights, gas etc. but even at that it's a LOT of points over the year. 

I'll look at the platinum specific perks again but I think I might pass as all of the travel perks are covered on another card anyhow. Even with the 25,000 points valued at $.01 per point the bonus does not cover the annual fee. 


Now if this was a stepping stone to the allusive Centurion for Business... I'm kidding! If I balk at $450 yearly fee I would die over $7,500 up front and $5,000 a year. But we can dream...