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Re: Cap One Spark Classic CLI / PC denied

breedo wrote:

After having luck having credit increases to my two Capital One personal cards and a PC to the Venture on one of them, I tried today calling to see if I had any offers to upgrade the Spark Classic that we've had for our business since 04/12. They said it was not eligible for any upgrades. Asked for a CLI, also denied. The limit is at $750 after the 'credit step' from $500 - making it unusable to our business. The business just over a year old now and we always have around $20k sat in our Cap One business checking account. We need to take on our first full time employee soon and I'll need to issue them with a company card for business travel expenses, so I'm probably going to have to go back down the executive office route again to try to get a useable limit on the Spark. Ridiculous.

If you have that kind of cash that doesnt need to be used you need to get into an American Express Charge Card, ESPECIALLY if looking to issue employee cards, I have a feeling they wouldn't be so interested in having your terrible $750 limit Capital One Card on their credit reports!

Capital One reports the business cards to personal credit.... I'm not 100% on if the business cards report to all AU credit too but I know for sure Amex doesn't and if this person needs to travel, $750 probably isn't a help either....

Try Exec office and then move on to a better bank for business!!

(Dont read any of this as negative or stupid, I have gone through much of it in past with my bussines so obviously im generalizing when I say your employee doesn't want your crap card!) i haven't always wanted my crap cards for business before even issueing to an employee! :smileyhappy:

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