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Re: Cap One Spark Classic CLI / PC denied

breedo wrote:

I never even thought about the TL reporting to an AU's credit reports. I've just been looking at Amex's products, the Gold would be a perfect fit for our business as that what I've had when I've worked at a similar small business. I just don't know if I would be accepted as I've been rebuilding my credit lately and my scores are only around 651. In any case, I wouldn't be able to apply as the Amex online form says the business legal name cannot begin with a number, which ours does!

Depending what is on reports to get the 650 it might get you a business charge.  I would't worry about the business name when it comes to the application, it most likely will just go through the auto system and go on your credit... once approved then you can go back and get the name corrected and send out new cards again... so use words for numbers sort of thing... if they do care about matching up the name or whate not then they can do it manually.

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