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Re: Chase Ink Bold Spending Requirements Reduced!



DesertLife wrote:

Today I was on Chase website and they have reduced their spend requirements for the Ink Bold to $5,000. I called to inquire if I can also get this, since I signed up last week for the card with a $10k spend requirement in 3 months. They told me that anyone who has opened a Chase Ink Bold within 90 days is eligible for this reduced spend amount but they must call in now to inquire about getting that reduced amount, this will be annotated on the customer account, then the customer must call back after reaching the $5k spend within 93 days of opening the account to get the customer service rep to add the 25k bonus points to the account.


"HERE’S TO BEING FLEXIBLE Get started with 50,000 bonus points after you spend $5,000 in the first 3 months - that's $625 toward travel rewards. And, there's no interest charges because you pay your balance in full each month."

Is there a mod that might be able to switch this to the business credit forum?


I wanted to update everyone on the reduced spending requirements procedure for anyone who signed up with the $10,000 spend, then got them to honor the $5,000 spend instead.


In my original post, I wrote that the CSR told me I must call back in once I met the spend requirement to receive the bonus points. I called back in once I reached $5,000 spend, and the CSR told me I must wait until the statement closes to see the bonus rewards points credit to my account. I waited until the statement closed a few days later, and no points appeared. I waited a few more business days for good measure, and decided to call back in to inquire.


So, I called in today after my second statement closed to inquire about why the reward bonus points had not posted. I have met their "special" $5,000 spend requirement, and am actually pretty close to meeting the original $10,000 spend requirement.


The CSR, after reading the memo's attached to my account, said that yes Chase will honor the reduced $5,000 spend, but I will have to wait until the 91st day (after my 3rd statement has closed) to call back in and request those points be credited. Or, he said, if I meet the $10,000 spend requirement before then, those points will be automatically credited with that statement without me having to call in.


He said it has been confusing for them, because three different protocols came out about how to deal with this situation, all at the same time, so often they weren't able to give consistent information. It would appear that has now been resolved.


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