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Re: Business Credit 101

Need Help With D&B?

Here are my info:

-Have corporation over 3 Years

-Sign up with D&B credit billed 6 month ago just to monitor my company info


I still don't have anything reported at D&B a can't add any trade references because they don't accept Banks,Insurances....


I have following but noting has been reported to D&B , what should I do?


-Chase Business Credit Card  $5000

-1 Vehicle Paid off in full year ago

-1 Vehicle paid off few days ago

-1 Vehicle purchased 5 month ago 24 month terms $24000 value

-3 Commercial Equipment Lease -Wells Fargo  $75000


-Factoring Company Cash Flow around $ 2 500 000 in 2012


Nothing above has been reported I still don't have a Paydex score!

I just find out for some NET 30 companies that report directly to D&B and I purchase few items from 3-4 of this companies...

If someone can help I will appreciate...


Thank you!


I need advise how to deal with D&B, I call customer service number and I just waste my time...