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Need Help With D&B?
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Need Help With D&B?

Here are my info:

-Have corporation over 3 Years

-Sign up with D&B credit billed 6 month ago just to monitor my company info


I still don't have anything reported at D&B a can't add any trade references because they don't accept Banks,Insurances....


I have following but noting has been reported to D&B , what should I do?


-Chase Business Credit Card  $5000

-1 Vehicle Paid off in full year ago

-1 Vehicle paid off few days ago

-1 Vehicle purchased 5 month ago 24 month terms $24000 value

-3 Commercial Equipment Lease -Wells Fargo  $75000


-Factoring Company Cash Flow around $ 2 500 000 in 2012


Nothing above has been reported I still don't have a Paydex score!

I just find out for some NET 30 companies that report directly to D&B and I purchase few items from 3-4 of this companies...

If someone can help I will appreciate...


Thank you!


I need advise how to deal with D&B, I call customer service number and I just waste my time...





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Re: Need Help With D&B?



Send me the list of the 30 day net companies you ran across. Trying to do the same process and this will really help me! I will look into  our problem.


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Re: Need Help With D&B?



  The D&B rep I talked to, told me that companies don't report to D&B unless they feel like it, and they typically don't.  D&B told me that you can't request that your vendors do it either, although you could, but who knows if they will.  So here's the best part.  If you sign up to the $940 plan from D&B, they will contact the vendors for you, verify all you information i.e. Highest Credit Limit, Purchase And Payment History, ETC.... and then add that information to your D&B corporate file.  But it won't happen on it's own, and from what the rep says, it won't happen unless you pay them to do it for your company.





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Re: Need Help With D&B?

As I have mentioned in other post's don't pay for the credit builder! With one exception See below... A lot of companies that can or want to report to DNB in fact do.. What they aren't telling you is the companies that you may want to add need to meet certain critia to even be allowed to report any trades. Also the company has to be willing to give DNB this info and a lot of companies just won't do it. They don't want to deal with DNB and all the BS that comes with that.Alot of times it just doesn't happen.


The only time it's worth  spending that type of money to add a trade is if its a large trade,anything $10k and up for the most part. But as mentioned there is no gurantee it can or will be added. You first want to ask the company if they are willing to give this info to DNB but even if they do its then in the hands of DNB.


With all this said DNB is becoming less and less of a factor in business credit and putting so much effort in to them is becoming a waste of time never mind giving them money. Experian and Equifax are quickly taken over  the business credit world and you want to focus obtaining accounts that report to them.

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Re: Need Help With D&B?

Unless you are seeking government contracts who actually needs a D&B file? I have been doing what I do for well over 25 years (3 companies over that period of time) and have yet to have someone ask for my DUNS number. I do have one and there is information there and it's correct. I have no idea how it got there and at this point I really do not care. I also checked my Equifax business report and it had more info and was up to date. Go figure. 


I am assuming there are plenty of situations out there but it seems they have never applied to me.