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Re: Chase to purchase Wamu?

aftermath wrote:

FretlessMayhem wrote:

aftermath wrote:

Hmm... gets me thinking. So if I pick up a few thousand plummeting shares of Wamu at a ridiculously low price, and Chase buys them out, I now have thousands of shares of prime Chase stock? Smiley Happy Die Wamu Die!

Exactly. I was thinking about doing the same with Amex since their stock is also falling. Amex doesn't have massive debt with subprime mortgages, so I am sure they will rebound.

The WAMU idea sounds good also. Now all I gotta do is figure out how to buy it. I have no clue how to buy stocks.

There are many online services in which you can purchase stock for a small fee, such as etrade and scottrade.
A coworker of mine just brought up a funny suggestion.  Purchase Wamu stock with my Wamu credit card.  It's like investing in them with their own money. LOL!

That might work if you take a cash advance, but you probably don't want to do that.  Brokerage firms will only let you fund your account with cold, hard cash, not with credit.

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