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Re: U.S. Bank says I have 'excellent credit'...
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I have had a US Bank card since 2003. Keep in mind though I've been banking with them since 1996 too.

They've been pretty good to me so far. My initial credit limit was fairly low, either 900-1000, but I was 19 at the time when I opened the account. Over the years it has increased to 18k. They also slashed my interest rate to 1.9% + prime in 2006 on request, which exceeded my expectations.

My only complaint is that they have sneaky payment deadlines. Sometimes the bill will be due on a Saturday or Sunday. I used to be able to make a payment transfer from my checking account at 10PM the day it was due and be fine, but they ended that policy and its due by like 5-6PM.

If you are a responsible debtor and pay attention, they are a good card company to deal with. I hope that helps.


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