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Help on diffrent questions
I have a few questions about different cards for my wife and myself, plus questions about credit history. If you read anything on here you can help with it would be a great help. 1. I have just been approved for a discover and visa by hsbc bank which is nice except they sent me a total of two cards for each card. I now have two visa's from them along with the two discover cards. So much for just applying for one visa and for just one discover and then I get two of each. That's just funny I think anyway. Why could that just combine my tcl into each of the one cards to make it easier. Has this every happened to anyone before. My wife got her two cards she wanted with no extra cards. 2.I have tried to pull my wife's credit score and report, but I get told to print out there report request form and send it to the three agencies to get her report since none can do it online. I do not understand why she can not view it online like most people can. I have no problem with my reports or scores. What causes her to have to send her reports in to get them by mail. There is no freeze on here or anything like that so I am confused. 3. The last thing is I was wondering is can some one show me a place where I can get all three scores and reports for 3 months at a great price. Plus if you find an area for this I want to make sure that with in those three months i have unlimited access looking at my credit score and report at anytime during those months I must apologize if some of this does not make sense but my sleeping meds are kicking and telling me I need to go to bed. Thanks Rob L Thank